The Barnyard Friends is a classroom activity that will give your students a playful strategy for learning the basics of landmark note reading on the grand staff. A solid foundation in note reading develops happy, successful piano students. Use it along with any beginner piano method.

Finding ways to reinforce concepts from a variety of angles is important pedagogy. So in addition to using the activity book, you may also choose from the following teaching aids as part of your instruction plan.


Barnyard Board & Friends

The Barnyard Board is laminated for dry erase marker activities. Use the colorful Barnyard Story Scene to practice placing the Friends on the correct lines and spaces. Or flip the board to a grand staff where students may practice drawing notes and clefs along with the visial aid of a piano keyboard.


The Barnyard Friends approach gives students strategies for learning Bass C up to Treble C, that’s fifteen flashcards. Encourage your students to name and play their Flashcards at home. Gradually add notes as they are introduced in the book.

Visit YouTube

There a three delightful cartoon animations available on YouTube for you to watch along with your students. Just type in the title and you will easily find us. It’s just another way to add a spark of fun to your lessons.
Video #1 – “Gina and the Treble Clef”
Video #2 – “Farmer Fred and the Bass Clef”
Video #3 – “The Barnyard Friends and the Grand Staff”
I invite you to watch the cartoons before beginning the activity pages.

View and/or download the full activity and lesson plan in PDF by clicking here