Category: Private Music Lessons

Starting Your Own Studio

Starting Your Own Studio It seems, at least around the area where I live, that the time is ripe for anyone who is considering starting his or her own private lesson studio. Parents are becoming more and more aware of the...

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The Less-Than-Ideal Family

Personality Conflicts Personality Conflicts: In all jobs, there is always the time you have to handle a co-worker, client, customer, whatever, that just doesn’t quite get it. In private teaching, this is often the parent....

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Recital Ideas

Recital Ideas It’s close to the end of the school year, a prime time to schedule a recital for your private students. To make sure your recital is a great experience for you, your students, and the audience, some careful...

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Preparing for a Performance

Preparing for Performances by Karen Stafford This month’s contribution is aimed at teachers and students who will soon be in the maddening throes of getting ready for auditions, music festivals, and recitals(my wording is...

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