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Multicultural Resources

Multi-Cultural Resources Multi-cultural curriculum is very strong American school systems right now, as it is in several other nations. It should be! With the onset of the Internet, cable television, and other influences, our...

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Music ála Cart

Music ála Cart: When There’s No Room at the Inn “Sorry, we need your room for the newly expanded third grade this year. You’ll have to use the cart”. “We need you to take up the slack at the Joe...

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Cross Curricular-Are You Kidding? One of those dreaded education phrases: “Cross-Curricular”. It brings to mind a classroom teacher throwing little jingles at you to help them with dental care or washing hands. And,...

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Programs on a Budget

Programs on a Budget This is a year of tight budget squeezes, as everyone knows. If your district is lucky, the most pain you might feel is getting your budget slashed, but it still hurts. And yet, families are expecting super...

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Boomwhacker Ideas

Don’t Get Whacked Out! Boomwhacker Ideas Courtesy of the Music K-8 Discussion list by Karen Stafford I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you are an elementary music specialist, or plan to be one, you...

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